What’s the Process for CPO Vehicle Inspections?

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CPO Vehicle Inspections Explained

CPO vehicle inspections

Are you planning on buying a pre-owned vehicle? There are many uncertainties to be aware of when going through the buying process. Used vehicles may have underlying problems that could potentially cost you thousands in repairs. This common occurrence has increased the popularity of the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Programs. CPO vehicles have been refurbished and thoroughly examined by experts, and are certified for resale by the original manufacturer or certified dealerships.

In this blog, we’ll take an in-depth look into the CPO vehicle inspection process. Continue reading to learn more!

Certified Pre-Owned vs. Used Vehicle

A used vehicle refers to any vehicle that had a previous owner, whereas CPO refers to vehicles that also had previous owners but have undergone pre-purchase inspection and are refurbished by an authorized dealer or manufacturer. CPO vehicles usually hallmark lower mileage, are newer models and come with warranties and other perks that manufacturers offer for new brands. CPO vehicles can only be sold by dealers of the original brand. For example, a Nissan CPO can only be found at a certified Nissan dealership.

On the other hand, regular used vehicles can be sold by anyone. Whether it’s through classified ads, independent dealers, or private sellers, these vehicles are readily available to consumers. Their condition is not taken into account when selling them, regardless of whether they have been inspected.

Benefits of Purchasing a CPO Vehicle

The benefits of buying a CPO will always exceed those of a regular used vehicle. Some of the advantages include:

  • Warranty: A CPO vehicle is coupled with a warranty from a manufacturer that covers some extent of damages or replacements for a certain duration of time. These warranties vary depending on the model and brand. Some of them extend the factory’s original warranty while others offer a new warranty for a limited duration of time.
  • Better Quality: CPO vehicles have to conform to certain industry standards of mileage, maintenance history, condition, and age to be CPO certified. They are subject to a rigorous inspection process, encompassing all aspects of the vehicle. 
  • Security: Purchasing a CPO comes with ultimate security and confidence knowing that your vehicle has already been checked for underlying issues by experts or manufacturers. More importantly, with the warranty, you will be covered if anything goes wrong with the vehicle.

What Are the Steps Involved in the CPO Vehicle Inspection Process?

For your Pre-owned Nissan to be recognized as a CPO, it has to pass these steps:

  • General/Initial Inspection: During this phase of used vehicle inspection, experts examine the overall condition of the vehicle taking into account aesthetic issues, structural damage or defects, and other obvious issues. The mileage history is then matched with manufacturers’ information and third-party sources.
  • Engine Compartment and Fluid Level Checks: During this stage, experts examine the levels of fluids required for the optimal functioning of your Nissan vehicle. Included in the inspection are the front and rear axle fluid, engine oil, transfer case oil, clutch fluid, brake fluid, and more.
  • Mechanical Inspection: This step combines an array of mechanical system inspections to ensure optimal engine performance. Some of the things tested include refrigerant levels, spark plugs, air and fuel filters, fuel injection systems, and more.
  • Electrical System Inspection: This process examines the overall electrical system in the vehicle to ensure that everything is functioning properly. Faulty fuses are replaced and dashboard instrumentation are examined, among many other electrical components to verify they’re in good condition.
  • Body Inspection: The subframe and chassis of a used vehicle are examined to detect any structural issues.
  • Drivetrain and Undercarriage Inspection: This stage is used to examine the drive trains and undercarriage for any signs of wear and tear. Experts check exhaust pipes, tires, braking systems, drive shafts and axles, and much more.
  • Road Test: After a series of repairs and maintenance, the vehicle is subjected to rigorous road tests to rigorous road tests both on backroads and highways. Systems such as heating, suspension, transmission, conditioning, and in-dash instrumentation are evaluated.
  • Post-Road Test Inspection: This involves looking for fluid leaks and evaluating climate control systems after road tests have been performed.
  • Appearance Inspection: Once the experts verify that everything is working as it should, they conduct a final aesthetic inspection. The vehicle’s interior and exterior are thoroughly cleaned. 

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